Carolina ANDRADA b.1982

 “Seeing in the Woods” is a title that does not refer to María Zambrano’s clearings in the woods (nor to Martin Heidegger’s “Lichtung”) but to an open form of perception. It is a kind of perception that has been opened up or formed in the landscape of images in my own emotional memory.

Let me explain: my landscapes are not a description of a physical territory.

They are to a certain extent, as there are recognisable elements in them: a particular castle, a kind of tree, the shape of a fairy’s or a dancer’s slipper. They describe a mental territory that forms part of the feeling, traces and memory of an experience that occurs there, in the wood; and beyond that in my memory. However what these images clarify is a state of my soul.

The territory described or expressed by my pictures or the territory that simply emerges (arises or is formed) in my brushes or with my brushes, with my arms and with my body around the canvas, is a personal territory, that I don’t know myself until it appears or becomes clear. I cannot describe it because it is not a physical landscape but a universe. It is a limit that I feel and that I try to convey in and with my pigments and brushes. It is a territory that also has its references, from Poussin to Watteau, from Brueghel to Lüpertz. It is a landscape beyond what can be seen. It is a feeling mounted on my heart.

Carolina Andrada, 2010

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