Karla SOLANO b. 1971


Karla Solano is one of the artists who has been consistently working with photography. Until very recently, in Costa Rica this medium was limited to traditional works and Solano’s presence together with a young generation of artists is challenging the art scene of Costa Rica. The territory of nature in Karla Solano’s work is the human body, particularly her own. For a long time she has used x-rays as a means of metaphorically analysing her own self. In later works, her own body having undergone changes due to maternity, a superimposition of x-rays and self portraits resulted in more dramatic images like ‘Under my Skin’, a segmented woman whose breasts and womb were strangely segregated from the head.

Virtually ‘exposing’ herself in a society which has come to refuse nudity as natural, Karla Solano has concentrated herself in the detailed examination of her physical self as a subject of analysis and a reflection of time.

Vicky Pérez-Ratón

Juan BARAJA b.1984

Juan Baraja


As you make your way through the cathedral, in an almost inexplicable manner, you are filled with pride, with a subtle patience and feel a heartbreaking rush toward that deep heaven that is promised by so many, running away from the carnal whilst desperately seeking to find the divine. Without these purposes in mind I move ahead through the cement factory, finding places that have to do with the idea pursued in the Christian temple, that are far from the religious concept, but more relevant to the formal aspects of the building. Once the wall loses its supporting function, the idea of verticality and the large spaces achieved in the Gothic cathedral are repeated in the architecture of the cement factory for purely technical and functional reasons. The highest sections of the factory are almost forgotten spaces, full of heavy machinery and covered by a thick layer of gray or white dust, and respond to the eager search of the faithful to find the ethereal and superhuman up there.

Juan BARAJA, Catedrales, 2010

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